Submission of Film : Guidelines

Please make sure your entries reach us by post/courier by Monday, 1 October, 2012 at

Cut.In Film Festival,
School Of Media and Cultural Studies,
Tata Institute of Social Sciences,
V.N. Purav Marg, Deonar,


1. There is no entry fee. Any number of entries are allowed by a film maker for each section.

2. Entries must be available for the festival screening in DVD Format: 2 Copies of DVD of each Film/Documentary/PSA.

3. The received entries will not be returned.

4. The entry parcel must state clearly: NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. FOR FESTIVAL PREVIEW ONLY.

5. The entries must be labeled with Title, running time and Contact Information. Please do not send Master tapes, or any originals.

6. Please make sure you have the following check list along with your entry.

  • Synopsis of the film.
  • About the Director(s)
  • Month and Year of Production
  • Duration of film
  • Three stills from the film
  • Bonafide Certificate/attested letter from college/institute/University

7. Please pack with adequate care . Do not use material that can damage the DVD/ tape.

8. The films which have been sent earlier to the film festival will not be reconsidered.

9. The short-listed films will be announced on the blog by the end of October. TISS will provide hospitality to invited filmmakers (one per film) and travel expenses are to be borne by the filmmakers.

Piyush- 09029913193

Pratik- 09004060398

  1. Dear sir,
    we are very happy to know tata group has organised video festival,we ve made short film on Aids,we need to know about entry fees & inform us fore more detail about fest.
    yours sincerely,

    Abhishek Galshar

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Abhishek, there is no entry fee. You can submit as many entries as you want but make sure that each entry is accompanied by a separate entry form. Entry form can be downloaded from the blog. Please make sure your entries reach us before the 15th of January by post. Looking forward to your entries! All the best!

  2. satyaki says:

    is it really required to give the production stills?

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Satyaki,
      We would really appreciate stills from the film,to be used for publication on our website/schedule/poster. thanks.

  3. Hi Guys:

    Great to know that TATA Institute is organising the fest purely for promoting interest among buddying movie makers. We will be part of the your movie fest.

    Good Luck to you guys
    Harsha Raj Gatty
    St Aloysius College

  4. Tanushri says:

    sir can we use courier services for sending the entry.actually at one place it was written that entry should be sent by post that is why we are confused.

  5. sudeep says:

    my music video is based on a movie film music.Can we submit our video or the music has to be original.

  6. Keerat says:

    I plan to submit a documentary. I am submitting a synopsis. You have also asked us to submit a script. Do you require the script of the voice-over?

  7. Anubhuti Sharma says:

    Dear Keerat,

    1. My film has 4-5 dialouges hardly. We worked scriptless. Do you still want a script or the screenplay?
    2. We are 4 directors in the film. 2 are students and 2 are working? Do you need bonafides from all of us? Will a xerox of ID card do?
    3. My film was made as part of a workshop whoese contact details I have mentioned in my form. What kind of a certificate shall I produce to show that my film was produced in 2009?

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Anubhuti,
      1. No, We do not require a script if there are no dialogues
      2. Photocopies of ID cards will do. Since it is a students’ video festival, it is important that the filmmakers were enrolled in some educational institution when the film was made.
      3. If you could submit a certificate that you received at the workshop, it would qualify as a bonafide.

      All the best!

  8. Hi,
    I have mailed my film to the given address…wanted to find out if it had been received or been misplaced in transit

    I would be grateful if you could let me know

    Thank you

  9. vasista parupalli says:

    i just got to know about the fest .. as i could not post it this to your place..can u please consider this as the submission…
    the following link is our short movie…please do consider this…

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Vasista, We are sorry we wont be able to accept your entries this year. please do send them in next year. Thanks for your interest in the festival. all the best!

  10. vasista parupalli says:

    there is also a video song which is done…please do consider…we should have done this earlier…

  11. Ritajit Raychaudhuri says:

    Where and when can we get the name of the films which are been selected?
    Please do inform.
    thanking you,
    Ritajit Raychaudhuri

  12. SAI KIRAN says:

    iam very happy to visit your site and know about your programs. Well, i am a 21 year old aspirant of film making. i would like to know if any film festivals are going to be conducted in the coming days by your organization. i am looking forward to participate in your festivals. so kindly provide the information please. if you could also suggest and guide me in shaping my career i will be very thankful to you.

  13. Husain Habib says:

    My name is Husain Habib and I am from Mumbai.
    I have my short films on and
    Can I send my film links online?
    Will be waiting for a reply

    Husain Habib

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Husain Habib,
      For festival screening the films must be available on the following formats: DV (PAL) or DVD. You can visit our page ‘CUT. IN 2011 Entry Form’ for rules and regulations and downloading the entry form. Looking forward to your entries.


      • Husain Habib says:

        I have personally given my short film called Mumbai misal at your office in TISS.
        Do confirm me once you have received it.

        Husain Habib

  14. Nishant says:

    dear sir
    plz give me more information about ur film festiwal and tell me if i have not sensor certificat so i can sabmit my film in this festiwal this is must or not

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Nishant,
      You don’t need to provide a censor certificate. So, do send in your entry. Every entry has to be accompanied by a separate entry form which can be downloaded from the blog. You can visit our page ‘cut. In 2011 Entry Form’ for further information.


  15. Husain Habib says:

    I have personally given my short film called Mumbai misal at your office in TISS.
    Do confirm me once you have received it.
    Husain Habib

  16. Hardik says:

    hiiiiii madam/sir,
    i would like to introduce myself hardik yadav. Can i send more than one film in same category.
    for that i do to fill different entry form for each film.

  17. Hardik says:

    if i complete my film before 25 nov 2010. so, can i submit my film.bacause according to your rules and condition a film must be produced between 15th nov 2009 to 15th nov 2010.
    please tell me what i do?

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Hardik,
      You can send in more than one film for each category. Each entry has to be accompanied by a separate entry form.


  18. Akshata Samant says:

    Warm greetings.

    My short film is in Marathi. I have added English subtitles to it, but in which language do I need to send you the script? Also, how detailed are you expecting the script to be? Is the emphasis just on the dialogues or do you need a scene by scene description?

    Thank You


    Akshata Samant

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Akshata,
      Please send in your script in English and we would appreciate if you can send a detailed script of the film i.e. scene by scene description. Looking forward to your entry.


  19. ekta says:

    i was wondering if the script and synopsis and other files have to submitted as hard copies? os another cd. or in the same dvd?

  20. anupam says:

    Just wanted to know if i can submit the entry personally at the address provided above ?? If i can then plz provide me further details on whom shud i meet in order to submit the film. Also my film uses a song for narration so shud i include subtitles for that as well…. subtitles of hindi song seems very funny.

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Anupam,
      you can personally visit our centre and submit your entry. The address is mentioned in the blog. We would appreciate if you could include subtitles.


  21. Ankita Ray says:


    We have send our entries, but how we will know that you got it. Because til know i don’t know whether you got it or not. Please do say…..

  22. Maaz Kazmi says:

    ive sent two entries (Chatkhaara – short film & Pitch for dark – PSA) for the fest. just wanted to cnfrm whether u have received it or no!

  23. Abhishek Bhattacharyya says:

    I have couriered my film for the FILM FEST….can you give me a confirmation if it has been received or not…

  24. Abhishek Bhattacharyya says:

    Can u tell me a specific date when i should check the blog

  25. dhirendra mishra says:

    sir i want to submit my documentary on senior citizens. . .but my exams are going on …. what is the last date for receiving the entries by post. . . .i m in jaipur. . .
    thank u

  26. abhisekh says:

    dear madam,
    we have already sent our entries before the deadline but we haven’t gotten any reply or details. So we are in doubt weather it has gone or not. Hence we request you to please the mention the date when it will publish.
    Thanking you,
    Abhisekh patnaik

    • cutinfest says:

      Dear Abhishek,
      An email regarding the confirmation of receipt of entry was sent on December 4th on your mentioned email id. We have received your entry for students’ film festival and are in the process of shortlisting the films to be screened on the days of the festival, the 8th and 9th January,2011.

      As soon as the list is finalised, only directors of selected films will be intimated by email and the list will put up on the blog by mid December. No letters of non-acceptance will be sent.


  27. bhavik says:

    Respected sir,
    I m a student of audio-visual at Gujarat Vigyapith,ahmedabad.I m very much intrested to see this festival n i m accure 2 knw tht any entry fee as audience participation,if yes so inform me.I m living ahmedabad(Gujarat) so in tht film festival any accomdation facility will be provided or not,so plz any service will be there so give me tht detail 4 rent so i wil manage it.
    so with regard of ur positive reply..
    yours faithfully,
    Bhavik.s Gauswami

  28. Abhishek Bhattacharyya says:

    When is the final list of films selected for the festival will be here in the blog??? Reply…

  29. ekta says:

    i would like to know when will the list of the shortlisted films be put up?

  30. […] a filmmaker for each section, but it has to be submitted with separate entry forms. Read more about submission guidelines in their blog. Submission deadline is October 31st, […]

  31. Roby Raj says:

    Hello sir,

    This film festival is organized only for students or for the passed out students from any institution ?
    Pls let me know sir.


    • cutinfest says:

      hello roby,

      the fest is for students and also for passed out students and you can send your film if you have any documents that you were the student of any institution.

  32. Sabika Muzaffar says:


    I was looking through your blog to figure out if the deadline has been extended by any chance, but there is nothing to suggest the same. Is there still a chance for me to mail my film? And what if the film hasn’t been made between the dates mentioned. Do you consider film made more recently?

    • cutinfest says:

      hello, Sabika

      there has been an extension of the deadline till 7th of November and yes you can still send the film with the appropriate documents.

  33. Samridhi Dasot says:

    We have mailed our films to the given address but haven’t received a mail notifying that you have received it. had sent it in the last week of october. please can you tell us if you have received it.
    Samridhi Dasot
    Aashini Shah

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